The flags of the Illegitimate

The Illegitimate is symbolized by three flags, which are bound together by cording. While each flag is very distinctive, their unity provides the full story behind this wine.

The French flag symbolizes my heritage, the land of my birth. Today, throughout the world, the tradition of fine wine emerges from this source, like the river from the spring. However with the rules and restrictions that exist in France I could never make a wine like The Illegitimate. In fact, I could be put in jail for making this extraordinary blend!

The second flag represents California, my home. In order to make the wine of my dreams I needed the freedom of California, a place where one can innovate and create: and a place where I could make a wine that tastes fantastic and not being imprisoned!

The “fleur de lys” or lily is the traditional emblem of France, but in the tradition of The Illegitimate, we have turned it on its head! Turning the history of thousands of years of wine growing upside down by combining different varietal wines according to our taste is our goal and our commitment at The Illegitimate. After all, who needs to abide by the rules of the Establishment!

The flag of the Republique Illegitime rises above those of France and California, but we do not consider ourselves superior to those traditions. Instead we see that we stand upon the shoulders of giants, who have given us the chance to create wines based on love of wine, not laws.